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¡¡¡¡Along with the rapid development of global automobile industry, China has become the largest tyre production and consumption country in the world. As an indispensable raw material of tyre and other rubber products, rubber ingredient improves greatly the performance of such products. With quick development from 2002 to present, Kemai Chemical has become a globally influential large-scale manufacturer of rubber ingredient. Now it has two production bases in Tianjin and Inner Mongolia, and a global marketing network. It successively won such honorary titles and awards as ¡°Top 100 Enterprises in Rubber Industry of China¡±, ¡°Innovative Development Award in Rubber Industry of China¡±, ¡°Advantageous Brand in Rubber Industry of China¡±, ¡°Contract Observing and Promise Keeping Organization in China¡±, ¡°Top 50 Export Enterprises in Tianjin¡±, ¡°Grade II Qualified Enterprise in Safety Production and Standardization¡±. Kemai Chemical has built long-term stable cooperation relation with 75 major tyre enterprises in the world to jointly promote the sustainable development of rubber industry, including Michelin, Goodyear, Bridgestone, Germany Continental, and so on.
¡¡¡¡Since 2008, Kemai Chemical successively built several wholly-owned subsidiaries in USA, South America to provide global customers with high-quality products and services by virtue of the international marketing network. In 2014, its export value exceeded USD 100 million. It has won the title of ¡°Top 10 Private Export Enterprises in Tianjin¡± for several consecutive years, and is a leading exporter in this industry.
¡¡¡¡Being technology based, Kemai is always leading in the rubber ingredient industry.
¡¡¡¡In 2011, based on the 10-year cooperation, Kemai and Tianjin University jointly built a ¡°Tianjin University ¨C Kemai Chemical New Material Research Center¡±, which has achieved many internationally leading research and development results. In 2012, the R&D Lab of this research center was named as ¡°Key Lab of Green Rubber Ingredient Enterprise in Tianjin¡±. It focuses on development of green products and processes, and aims to build an industrially and regionally influential ¡°enterprise-university-research institute¡± cooperation platform. So far, several technologies have been put into industrialization.
¡¡¡¡In these years, Kemai has applied 151 patents, 23 of which have been approved; It has undertaken 4 scientific and technological projects, and won 6 provincial and ministry level scientific and technological progress awards; It has had 15 new products identified by relevant authorities. Its high-content automobile radial tyre antioxidant TMQ won the certificate of ¡°National Key New Product¡±; Its rubber accelerator TBBS and DCBS industrialization project was recognized as a ¡°Industrialization Demonstration Project of National Torch Program¡±; It is fruitful in product innovation. In 2013, Kemai was recognized as a ¡°Key New High-tech Enterprise of National Torch Program¡±.
¡¡¡¡Quality is deemed as life of the enterprise, and continuous improvement is taken as the quality management objective of Kemai. As an expert member of the work team of International Standardization Organization and a member of Ingredient Sub-Committee of National Rubber Standardization Committee, Kemai has drafted 5 national standards alone and participated in drafting of 4 standards. It has become an important drafting and revising organization of national standards on rubber ingredient in China. Kemai¡¯s chemical and physical testing lab has won CNAS accreditation, and its testing results are recognized by 58 countries and regions in the world. Kemai¡¯s rubber accelerator TBBS and CBS, anti-aging agent TMQ, and plasticizer A have won the ¡°Quality Accreditation Certificate of Rubber Products¡± issued by China Rubber Industry Association. Now Kemai¡¯s quality represents the advanced level of this industry.
¡¡¡¡Based on many years of implementation of ISO9001 management system, Kemai Chemical has passed the ISO/TS16949 certification, and is actively implementing excellent performance management. In addition, it won the ¡°Quality Award of Binhai New Area¡± in 2014 as the first winner of this award.
¡¡¡¡Taking the concept of green production and biological chemical engineering, Kemai Chemical has made outstanding achievements in implementation of health, safety and environment management system. In 2015, it introduced advanced technologies and equipment with a total investment of RMB 45 million, and used the innovative MVR process to solve the bottleneck of high salt content waste water treatment in this industry, leading to a water recycling rate of over 90%. It uses photo-electro-catalysis technology for waste gas treatment, and implements comprehensive recycling of solid wastes. In this way, it conforms to all the standards on emission of waste water, waste gas and solid waste.
¡¡¡¡Kemai persists in its core values, and has built a good reputation and image in customers, suppliers and other stakeholders. In 2012, Kemai Chemical became a vice chairman unit of China Rubber Industry Association; In 2013, it became a chairman unit of Ingredient Committee of the Association, and Wang Shuhua, the board chairman of Kemai, was elected as chairman of this committee. It is actively promoting the industry toward green production using innovative technologies, and helps to create a bright future of this industry.
¡¡¡¡Kemai Chemical witnessed the development of the rubber ingredient industry of China. Under the quickly changing economic situation, Kemai will take brand as the flag, take technology as the core, take marketing as the leader, and take talent as the foundation. It will build the largest rubber ingredient development and production base in the world with scientific management, leading technologies and environment-friendly processes, and became an outstanding industrial pacemaker!

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